About Us

Small kitchens present challenges that can be solved with savvy thinking. Limited storage space, small countertops, bulky appliances and too many gadgets are just a few of the problems presented in a small kitchen. At Devine’s Small Kitchen we strive to provide you with solutions to these challenges. Multi-use items, smaller/nesting cookware and bowls, space-saving magnetic hooks & bars, overhead storage solutions and drawer organizers are just a few of the space saving, multi-use products you’ll find on our site.

We also carry multi-use items for those kitchens that have a little more space. Space saving, multi-use appliances, cookware, utensils and storage solutions are what we are all about. Have any products you’d like to see on Devine’s Small Kitchen? Please visit us on our Contact Us page and tell us what you would like to have available. We’d love to hear from you.