110V Oil Press Machine



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Make mealtime prep a piece of cake with the 110V Oil Press Machine! Made of strong, food-grade 304 stainless steel materials, this oil press helps you extract oils at high or low temperatures. The intelligent one-key design provides an easy way to instantly get creative in the kitchen – no more tedious manual labor. With voice prompt function and automatic work, this product gives you all the effortless power you need without taking up too much energy or time. This machine gives you an efficient way to press oil from a variety of raw materials, including peanuts, olives, sesame, and more? Crafted with quality materials like food-grade 304 stainless steel, it’s solid and durable construction promises years of use.

No matter what temperature – hot or cold – extractions are effortless and hassle free with this machine. Whether it’s olives for delicious salads or sesame for savory dishes, choose your favorite raw material and get squeezing! Just remember to remove the middle core when using dry olives for best results. Add this excellent machine to your kitchen arsenal today for a delightful cooking experience! And just a friendly reminder when processing dry olives – make sure to remove the central part of the core to achieve the best possible yield.

Discover convenience re-imagined with the 110V Oil Press Machine – the perfect solution to modern day extraction needs!

Features –

  • High-Quality Materials – Our hot and cold oil press made of Food grade 304 Stainless steel Materials, which is solid and durable
  • Cold/Hot Extraction – Our Automatic Oil Press can extract oil at high or low temperatures; It is very convenient to use
  • Automatic Operation – Our hot and cold oil press has a One-key intelligence with voice prompt function, automatic work, saving energy and time
  • Wide Application – The Automatic Oil Press Suitable for squeezing all kinds of raw materials, including peanut, olive, sesame, and so on; It is a good helper for home use or business use
  • Attention – Dry Olives need the middle of the core removed in order to squeeze oil

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Glass Oil Mister for Cooking


Brand CeRaBuRET
Wattage 430 watts
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Material Stainless Steel