Handheld Mini Food Bag Sealer



Product Details –

Do you want to change to a safer, more eco-friendly and better way of sealing partially used food bags? Look at this handheld mini food bag sealer!

TUGUAI mini heat sealer has been improved and upgraded. Now it can seal various bags such as storage bags, potato chip bags, fruit bags, sugar bags, etc.

Resealing food bags is more environmentally friendly and saves you money. Reuse the snack’s original bag and stop buying plastic storage bags. You can create your own instant food saver bags!


  • USEFUL MINI BAG SEALER – With Tuguai’s mini bag sealer you don’t need to worry about your food will soon become stale. It’s a good option for those who are potato chip lovers. Now you can keep your bag of potato chips, cereal, or other dry snacks fresh. Just use this handheld mini food bag sealer to seal the bag. It helps you avoid food waste and keeps food fresh more effectively.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN – It features a 3D corrugated suspension heating sheet and 2.5 X 0.78 inches sealing caliber. There’s also PC insulation case, independent switch design and resistance to high temperature features. These prevent burns caused by accidental touch.
  • EASY TO USE – 30 seconds of heat up & 1 second sealing.  It saves time and effort. Chip bag sealer machine comes with a 43.1 inches cable. Don’t waste money on batteries. This appliance can be used it for years to come.
  • SEALING MULTIPLE TYPES OF BAGS – Heat sealer works for snack bags, pet foods bags, coated aluminum foil bags and handmade candy dessert plastic bags.


Color: Green and Blue
Voltage: 110-240V
Material: PC shell and ceramic heating core
Sealing Caliber: 2.5*0.78 inches
Cable Length: 43.1 inches
Dimension: 7.5″Lenth 0.9″width 0.9″height
Item Weight: 0.6 IB

Package Included:
Bag sealer x1
Separate Type Power Cable x1
English Instructions X1

How to use?
1, Plug in the power and turn on the switch.
2, Wait about 30 seconds.
3, Place the open end of the bag into the sealer, then press the sealer about 1 second.
4, Turn off the switch and the power.


1, Adjust the temperature of the sealing machine according to the thickness of the bag to avoid too high a temperature  and burn the bag.

2, Thin bags such as cling film are not suitable.

3, Do not touch the heating pad when using it, Be careful to prevent burns. Incorrect Bags Types: paper bags, bags with oil/liquid.

4, Do not use the appliance for too long a period. Doing so will affect the life of the ceramic heating core.