Original Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack Stand 3 Pack. Open Hands Free to Pour Leftovers, Snacks and Meal Prep Ingredients With No Food Spills or Kitchen Mess.



Product Details –

  • LIKE AN EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS IN THE KITCHEN. It’s hard to pour fluid food items without spilling, the baggy rack pro holds the bag for you and keeps itself vertical while you carefully transfer meals.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARMS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL STORAGE SIZE PLASTIC ZIP UP STORAGE BAGS. Gallon, quart and sandwich baggies all fit comfortably and securely to store snacks and full left-over meals, hands free.
  • SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT BY RECYCLING PLASTIC BAGS. When done with your leftovers, rinse the baggy out and place on one arm of the Baggy Rack Pro to let it air dry, then reuse the bag next time.
  • SIMPLE TO USE. Place rack on a flat, clean surface. Adjust the arms to desired height or length, and clip your bag in. Make sure bottom of bag is resting on and touching the base and table or counter.
  • PERFECT PRESENT FOR ANYONE ON YOUR GIFT LIST WHO LOVES TO COOK AND ENTERTAIN THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. This is a great gadget for moms or grandmas who cook for crowds and send guests home with leftovers.
Color Green
Material Plastic
Brand Jokari
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4 x 1.25 x 10 inches
Item Weight 0.18 Pounds