5QT 600W Tilt Head Mixer



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Upgrade your kitchen to the next level with 5QT 600W Tilt Head Mixer. Perfect for all your baking needs, this mixer allows you to easily whip up cakes, breads, cookies, pastries and more with its powerful copper motor.

It also features 6 speed options and high capacity stainless steel mixing bowl. The attachments are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Plus, its non-slip feet keep the mixer stable on any surface. Get it now and make baking easier than ever!

1. This chef’s machine has a 600W high power, high performance copper motor and stainless steel case. So, it’s made to handle heavier doughs such as pastry and pizza dough. Therefore, it performs better than plastic chef machines. With speeds of up to 18000 RPM it stirs and whips ingredients quickly.

2. This Tilt Head mixer features a 5L large capacity mixing bowl made of 304 stainless steel. It’s food safe, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. The high capacity is ideal for family gatherings and batch baking. Use this great mixer to make cakes, breads, cookies, pastries, muffins and waffles, etc.

3. This chef’s machine comes fully equipped with dough hook, whisk, mixer, 5-litre stainless steel mixing bowl, and splash proof lid. These can be loaded straight into the dishwasher for cleaning. In addition, the bottom of the machine has non slip feet helping the machine remain stable.

4. With 6 speed options, you can choose from slow mixing to fast whipping. Bread dough, thick batter, meringue, and whipped cream are easily handled by this mixer. Eggs can be beaten, salads can be mixed, and so on.

5. This chef’s machine is sleek in appearance and moderate in size. Standing just 10.6 inches tall, it fits under most kitchen cabinets. It’s also suitable for small kitchens, or limited countertop space and convenient to use.


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