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Are you tired of worrying about grease splatter and oil stains all over your deck or patio? Don’t worry, the AiBOB Under Grill Mat has got you covered! Our under grill mat is made from microfiber material and a rubber backing that is safe for your health. It quickly absorbs the oil, so no mess or clean up is necessary. In addition, it also acts as a waterproof protector to prevent any liquid from seeping through.

The design of the non-slip rubber backing helps keep the mat in place while you’re grilling – so no more sliding around! And cleanup couldn’t be easier – just throw it into the washing machine when needed. But please be sure to keep this mat away from fire or any extreme heat source for safety purposes. Also note that due to our packing methods, these mats may have crease marks when you receive it. But don’t worry – they will disappear after a few days. So don’t wait – get AiBOB Under Grill Mat today and protect your decks and patios with ease and assurance!

  • Heat-resistant: AiBOB grill mat is made of heat-resistant material that can withstand high temperature of 1700°F, which can provide good protection your deck or patio.
  • Premium material: The grill mat is made of glass fiber which is in the middle layer, and the two side surfaces are evenly coated with silicone coating. The grill mat can prevent scorching and burns and keep the ground looking new.
  • Easy to Clean: The fire pit mat surfaces are fireproof and has a waterproof silicon coating. It does not absorb water or greasy dirt at all. You can clean it easily with duster cloth or machine wash.
  • Large Size: The grill mat size is 40” X 65”. The large size mat can fit multiple grills. The fireproof grill mat can provide adequate protection to the deck and patio from oil stain and fire.
  • Buy with Confidence: Each grill mat you purchase comes with a 100% 60 DAYS RETURN SERVICE. If you are not happy with your under grill rug, contact us directly

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Mat Sizes

36" X 50", 40" X 50" Fireproof, 40" X 60", 40" X 65" Fireproof


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