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Introducing the Elite Gourmet Easy Egg Cooker – your solution to cooking perfect eggs every time! With the capacity to cook up to 7 eggs at once, this egg cooker offers you the ultimate convenience and versatility. No more guessing how much water to add. The included measuring cup lets you calibrate the water level to match your desired egg style – soft, medium or hard boiled.

This egg cooker is not limited to just boiling eggs. With its steaming omelet tray, you can create fluffy and delicious omelets with ease. And if you’re a fan of poached eggs the included poaching tray allows you to gently poach two eggs at once. For those who prefer scrambled eggs, this egg cooker can handle that too!

The Elite Gourmet Easy Egg Cooker comes equipped with an automatic shut off indicator light and an audible buzzer alert. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your eggs are cooked to perfection. Plus, the built in piercing pin on the measuring cup ensures that your eggs won’t crack or explode during the cooking process. The result is consistently perfect golden yellow yolks.

Prepare quick and healthy breakfast meals or even just snacks for the whole family! Designed to make busy mornings easier and to save you time and money. No need to spent $1+ on that hard boiled egg at the cafeteria. The Elite Cuisine Easy Egg Cooker can quickly boil eggs in the morning while you are brushing your teeth! Just add eggs and water. Push the power button and within minutes your eggs will be ready.

Using the egg tray handles hold the egg tray under cold water to rinse and cool down if you want to peel them right away. And, when poaching or making an omelet just top with a bit of tomato green pepper and chives for an easy and healthy breakfast. Pair it with toast and avocado for a hearty brunch. Also, prepare deviled eggs for the office potluck.

Gone are the days of under cooking or over cooking your eggs! With the Elite Gourmet Easy Egg Cooker, breakfast has never been easier or more delicious. However you decide to use the Easy Egg Cooker we are sure you will love it. Get yours today and experience the perfect eggs every time!


  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority, we guarantee it! We are so sure you will love your egg cooker that we are offering a lifetime warranty. we have the ONLY lifetime warranty on the market!
  • SEVEN EGG CAPACITY: Cook up to 7 eggs in soft, medium, or hard boiled firmness, while saving time and water. Eggs come out consistently perfect, shell is easy to peel, and clean up is super easy!
  • EASE OF USE: Fill measuring cup with water to the marking of how you want them cooked. Press the power button once and within minutes your eggs will be “Egg-Celent!” Fun and simple to use for family members of all ages! The built in timer, buzzer and auto-shut off gets it right every time! Faster than conventional stove top methods!
  • VERSATILITY: Pair with avocado toast or prepare deviled eggs for a potluck. The versatile Elite Cuisine Easy Egg Cooker is an all in one egg boiler, scrambler, omelet/veggie steamer, and more!
  • COMPACT SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Perfect as a back to school gift for dorms, apartments, RV campers, camping, etc. Small and lightweight, it easily fits into drawers for storage. Or, just leave out on the counter as a fun and colorful accent to any home kitchen.
  • WHATS INCLUDED? Egg Cooker base. Dishwasher Safe Removable Parts: 7-Egg Tray, 2-Egg Poaching Tray, Omelet Tray, Clear Lid, Measuring cup with water level markings to cook your eggs exactly how you like them. Also included is an Instruction Manual with 16 delicious recipes!
  • SAFETY AND VOLTAGE: The Elite Cuisine Easy Egg Cooker is cETL approved and 360 Watts/120V for worry and hassle free usage. Our customer support team is based in the US and available to answer any questions you may have!

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