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If you’re serious about baking, you know that a good pastry mat is an essential tool for achieving perfect results every time. And the Folksy Nonstick Silicone Pastry Mat is one of the best on the market. Made from high quality reinforced fiberglass food grade silicone. So, this mat is incredibly durable and won’t curl up around the edges like lower quality mats. Its thickness is perfect for baking and roasting, ensuring that your creations come out perfectly every time.

One of the best things about this mat is its nonstick surface. You won’t have to worry about your dough sticking to the mat or tearing when you try to remove it. And cleaning up is a breeze with warm, soapy water.

Finally, the Nonstick Silicone Pastry Mat is temperature resistant up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can use it in the oven without any worries. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to take their baking to the next level. With its high quality construction and easy-to-clean surface, it’s a must have for any serious baker. The Folksy Super Kitchen mat has stood the test of time. Get yours today and start baking like a pro!


  • 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE: This mat is made of reinforced fiberglass and food grade silicone. Folksy Super Kitchen mats can protect your food.
  • NONSTICK & EASY TO CLEAN: The food grade silicone mat has a NONSTICK surface. Plus, the back has been designed to prevent slipping. No more scrubbing! Even burnt sugar and fat falls off on its own. Just rinse the mat in warm soapy water to clean it.
  • DOUBLE THICKNESS, DURABLE & LASTING: The thickness of the mat is 0.7MM. That’s almost twice as thick as others (0.4mm vs. 0.7mm). The 0.7mm mat will stay put on your table or countertop & not wrinkle when used. And, the thickness of the mat makes it more durable than thinner mats.
  • NONSLIP BACK & MULTI-FUNCTION: We upgraded the back nonslip design. It resists moving around on your countertop when rolling dough.
  • SUPER VERSATILE MAT: 1. Non slip pastry mat (3 sizes – 16″ X 20″, 15″ X 24″, 28 ” × 20” and 0.7mm thick 2. Table mat 3. Baking mat (temperatures from -30°F to 470°F ) 4. Pizza mat 5. Countertop mat

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16 X 20, 16 X 24, 20 X 28


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