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Prepare to elevate your grilling game with the Kaluns BBQ Stainless Grill Set. This is the ultimate grilling companion for any outdoor kitchen. Made from top quality stainless steel this 21 piece set is designed to withstand the heat and last a lifetime.

With its premium stainless steel material you won’t have to worry about rusting or cracking. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. And, when it comes to safety, you can rest assured that these utensils comply with certification from both the FDA and LFGB.

This complete grill set includes everything you need to cook up a storm. The set includes a handy apron with four pockets for storing your tools. There’s a tong, fork, knife, basting brush, grill brush, extra grill brush head, 4 skewers, 8 corn holders, salt and pepper shaker and a portable aluminum storage case.

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just starting out, the Kaluns BBQ Stainless Grill Set is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. With its sleek design and durable construction, it’s no wonder why it’s the #1 choice for grill enthusiasts. So, fire up the grill and get ready to impress your guests with delicious meals prepared with the help of the Kaluns BBQ Stainless Grill Set.

  • Top Quality Stainless Steel – Our 21 piece Grill tool set is made up of high-quality Stainless Steel .The premium stainless steel material never rusts or cracks. It’s Heat Resistant and is Dishwasher Safe. The Utensils comply with certification from FDA and LFGB. The KALUNS Grill set is your #1 choice. You will definitely enjoy using them for kitchen cooking and outdoor Kitchen.
  • Complete Grill Set: This 21 piece set includes – 1 Apron to keep your clothes clean. It has 4 handy pockets for tools to be stored in while grilling. The set includes 1 Tong, 1 Fork, 1 Knife, 1 Basting Brush, 1 Grill Brush, 1 extra Grill Brush Head, 1 Spatula that has 4 functions, 4 Skewers, 8 Corn Holders, and Portable Storage case. You’ll be fully Equipped with this Complete and Professional Grill utensil set that includes everything you need for Grilling.
  • Includes Aluminum Black Storage Case – These Deluxe Grill Accessories come with a lightweight Aluminum Black Storage Case that will Protect and maintain your utensils well. It’s Portable and Easy to carry around when you are on the go Traveling, Camping, or Hiking.
  • Excellent Gift Idea – These User Friendly Tools are Perfectly designed to suit your Gift Giving needs. It includes everything you need for a Summertime Barbecue. The Spatula is a 4 in 1 function – Spatula, Bottle Opener, Edge for meat Tenderizing, and Serrated edges for Cutting. The Tools also have customized loops that serve for hanging. It’s a perfect housewarming, Fathers Day, and Christmas Gift for men and women.


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