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Enjoy the right balance of lighting in every area of your kitchen with our LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light. Our light emits an even, warm glow that can give any space the illumination needed to stay productive and comfortable. And, you never have to worry about the light being too intrusive or taking up too much room with a low profile design.

This light also features dimmable and memory functions that allow you to adjust the brightness from full brightness to the lowest level. Its versatile installation means you can mount it on cabinets with screw-in brackets or with double sided tape. You don’t have to worry about re-adjusting it each time you turn it on as your settings are automatically saved.

Our LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is perfect for home owners who want an unobtrusive yet effective way to lighten up their space. Give your home a cozy ambience without using up too much energy! Add one of these lights in any area of your kitchen and save yourself hassle while creating a beautiful space!

  • Reliable & Safe: 240 LED chips within the fixture provide bright light (5000 Kelvin) without flickering. This Led ceiling light fixture has an overload, short circuit protection function. It prevents any potential risk of electric shock, electric leakage or even potential disasters caused by electricity short circuit.
  • Easy Installation:  It only need to takes a few minutes to install this 12.8 inch square ceiling light fixture. Installation is quick and simple following the included guide. One person can easily install the fixture.
  • Energy Saving: Life span is 30,000 hours meaning this ceiling lamp can be used up 10 years based on 8 hours/day. Equivalent to the brightness of a traditional 180 Watt fluorescent tube (2050 Lumens), it will save you 85% electricity.
  • Wide Application: With an IP44 rating it can be used in moist environments such as kitchens and bathrooms as well as just about anywhere in your home.
  • 3 Years Warranty: A free replacement or refund for 3 years is provided. Please email the manufacturer for a prompt response.
Brand Airand
Color 12.8inch Square-daylight White/Cold White
Material Plastic
Style Modern
Light fixture form Flush to Ceiling
Room Type Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Home Office, Bathroom, Kitchen


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