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Upgrade your kitchen and keep your knives organized with our stylish Magnetic Knife Holder. This knife magnetic strip is made of high quality 304 stainless steel shell for durability. Its sleek look adds a modern accent to your kitchen decor.

But it’s not just about aesthetics – our magnetic kitchen knife holder is designed to be functional and practical. A super strong neodymium magnet evenly placed along the entire length provides a secure grip for your knives. No more worrying about accidentally knocking them off the counter or searching through drawers for the right blade.

This magnetic utensil holder has a carrying capacity of up to 5 kg. This ensures that even your heaviest knives stay securely attached to the strip. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, this knife magnet strip will keep your tools within reach and ready for action.

Installation is a breeze with our no drill design. Forget about damaging your walls – simply attach the stainless steel strip to any surface using the high quality adhesive sticker provided. In addition, you can  just wash the stainless steel strip without any hassle.

Not only does our magnetic knife bar provide convenience and organization, but it also serves as a versatile home organizer. Use it to hang other metal utensils or tools in your kitchen or workshop – the possibilities are endless.

Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to an efficient cooking experience with our Magnetic Knife Holder. Order now and let this irreplaceable assistant transform your kitchen into a space of functionality and style.

  • Fully enclosed 15,5 inch length knife magnetic strip 304 stainless steel shell, super strong neodymium magnet, with adhesive sticker; up to 5 kg carrying capacity
  • Stylish magnetic strip for knives makes accent in your kitchen décor; magnetic kitchen knife holder no drill can be used as knife hanger, knife strip, home organizer, magnetic utensil holder and tool strip
  • A strong neodymium magnet placed evenly along the entire length of the knife steel holder and helps your knives securely attach to the knife magnet strip; even the heaviest knife will be securely and safely attached to the magnet knife holder for wall no screws
  • Since the magnetic strip for kitchen knives is produced of 304 stainless steel, you can easily wash it; easy to install: you don’t need to drill holes in the wall; the stainless steel strip is attached to the wall with high quality adhesive sticker
  • This kitchen magnetic knife bar will be an irreplaceable assistant in your kitchen; this knife strip magnet comes with step-by-step illustrated mounting instructions; in 24 hours after product is mounted you will get admired with ergonomically effective space usage i


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