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Introducing the Silonn Air Fryer Oven 16QT  (a Family Choice Award Winner) – the multi-functional kitchen appliance. This is a unique appliance which brings together the best of air fryers and toaster ovens into one! And, it features 1600 watts of high-performance power. So, this 21-in-1 meal-making machine eliminates any reason to switch between multiple devices.

It’s amazingly versatile – cooking toast, bagels, chicken (a whole chicken with lots of veggies) and bbq ribs to baking pizzas. And, this oven ensures evenly cooked meals each time with its smart algorithms that steer power to where and when it’s needed. The generous 16QT capacity fits 12 chicken wings or up to 9″ pizzas or 4 slices of toast or 2 steaks. And with shorter cooking times an entire family dinner will be served in no time! For cooks seeking more convenience in the kitchen without sacrificing flavor and texture, – there simply isn’t a better choice than the Silonn Air Fryer Oven 16QT.

Features –

  • AIR FRYER OVEN TOASTS,.BAKES, ROASTS, EVENLY AND FAST: These air fryer toaster ovens are truly multi-functional. It combines the best of air fryers and toaster ovens. And, smart algorithms steer power to where and when it’s needed to create the ideal cooking environment for perfect results every single time.
  • 21-IN-1 FEATURES: The ultimate meal making machine with 1600 watts of high-performance power can cook toast, bagel, chicken, BBQ ribs, and pizza. It also features built in additional options like warming up meals and more.
  • 16 QT LARGE CAPACITY: Can easily fit 12 chicken wings, equivalent to 9” pizza, or 4 toast, or 2 steaks, or 12 cookies, or 6 muffins. What’s even better than an air fryer is an air fryer toaster oven. The combination allows it to do so much more than either traditional appliance can do on its own.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Another great feature of this toaster oven is its small footprint on your counter. Also, the removable crumb tray is a big plus. The interior cooking surfaces will remain non-stick providing you don’t use a heavy-duty scouring pad to clean. Instead, clean with a sponge and hot soapy water.
  • ACCESSORIES: Digital Air Fry Oven, Air Fry Basket, Roast Tray, Crumb Tray, Tray Handle & Recipe Book. Everything you need in one purchase.
  • STURDY AIR FRYER OVEN: Digital Air Fry Oven, Air Fry Basket, Roast Tray, Crumb Tray, Tray Handle & Recipe Book. Lots of extras to master your cooking within one purchase. It’s cETL approved with advanced safety technology for long-lasting durability. And, your purchase is worry-free – we’ve got your back. For information on how to use your product, scroll down for a PDF User Guide.
Special Feature Manual
Product Dimensions 13.58″D x 13.38″W x 12.4″H
Color Black
Capacity 16 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Recommended Uses For Product Roast, Bake, Dehydrate

PDF User Manual –

NEVER use aerosol oil sprays on non-stick surfaces!! See why

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