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Step back in time with the Small Retro Microwave 0.7 Cu Ft! Experience a classic and timeless look with modern convenience and features. It features 9 auto menus, easy defrosting function, 10 power levels & express cooking button. Also, there is an energy saving eco mode, mute button, clock and kitchen timer.  Enjoy cooking your favorite foods quickly and efficiently with Small Retro Microwave 0.7! Plus, all of the buttons have their meanings clearly listed when you open the door.

There’s also an innovative position memory technique that resets the turntable to the initial position. Every time after cooking process is finished, the lamp, fan and turntable will keep working with a dynamic symbol on the display until the turntable is reset. This considerate function allows you to easily take the mug or dish out without getting hurt. It also has an energy saving eco mode, a mute button, clock and kitchen timer. The bright LED digital display, easy to read control panel and cool touch rounded buttons further improve the user experience. And the compact size is ideal for apartment kitchens, vacation homes, RV’s, offices and dorms. Get your delicious food ready in no time with Small Retro Microwave 0.7!

  • CUTE RETRO DESIGN: This retro red design is cute and compact. Its perfect for small kitchen spaces found in apartments or dorms. It would also make a great addition in an office or outdoor garden countertop setting. RV and Tiny Home friendly.
  • EASY TO USE: Cook 9 of the most popular microwave foods in the press of one button. Press the desired pre-programmed button and the microwave automatically starts. Easily make popcorn, beverages, vegetables, meat, pizza, potatoes, pasta, soup or reheat other foods. Also includes a large LED digital display, ECO mode, easy to read control panel and an interior light.
  • POSITION MEMORY TURNTABLE FUNCTION: The turntable always returns to its starting point after use. This allows you easily to take the mug or dish out of the microwave to protect you from getting hurt.
  • NO MORE ANNOYING BEEPS: The days of waking up your roommates or family members in the middle of the night is over. With a Sound On/Off function enjoy your snacks in silence.
  • CHILD SAFETY LOCK: Featuring a Child Safety lock, the retro microwave protects your children from microwave oven danger.
  • COMPACT SIZE: With 700 Watts this Small Retro Microwave is powerful but also has a very small footprint to save you space. It can fit on a 10 inch turntable with its compact size. Dimensions : (W x D x H): 17.3 x 14.1 x 10.2; Internal dimensions (W x D x H): 12.04” x 11.95” x 8.11”.
  • EASY TO LEARN: With a simple logo inspired keypad design this retro countertop microwave is easy to use for all ages.
  • ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Includes : Microwave Oven, User Manual , Tips for use, 10 inch turntable.


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