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Are you looking for the perfect tool to help you make burgers like a pro? Look no further than Meykers Nonstick Burger Press! With this press, you can easily make perfectly round burger patties with grooves for the ideal restaurant style look. Plus, our professional grade non-stick surface ensures that your patties won’t stick. You’ll also enjoy how much easier it is to transfer and flip your perfect burgers on the grill. We include 100 free parchment papers so you can avoid ruining your burgers while they cook.

Not only is Meykers Nonstick Burger Press perfect for creating delicious burgers but it can also be used as a roast plate and heated directly. To top it all off, its solid plastic handle is detachable for easy storage and portability. It’s perfect for those summer days when you want to take your BBQ to the park! Don’t wait any longer – get Meyker’s Nonstick Burger Press today and start making incredibly tasty burgers instantly!

  • Make Hamburgers Elegantly – Perfectly round burger patties with grooves for the professional burger look. Patties can be made easily, efficiently and neatly. They can be cooked evenly, and won’t fall apart on the grill.
  • Never Stick Again Free Patty Papers : Non-stick cast aluminum surface, 100 free parchment papers included. Keeps patties intact during removal and speed cleanup as well.
  • Superior Quality as A Roast Plate : The molds were made of high quality food grade metal. It can even be used as a roast plate and heated directly.
  • Saving Storage Space : The solid plastic handle can be detached and reattached anytime without tools. It’s easy to carry when going out for picnic camping or outdoor BBQ.

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